About decoupage

About decoupage

Decoupage workDecoupage (from the French word "cut") - is the art of decorating an object by gluing cutouts of coloured paper, pictures or patterns onto its surface. The finished design is then coated with varnish to protect and maintain the durability of the finished design. 

Decoupage is a simple and easy technique that even beginners will find themselves creating masterpieces on their first try!

Fortunately the technique does not require significant amounts of money, the costs are minimal.

You'll find everything you need for decoupage on our website: stylish paper napkins, shapes for decoration, glue, vanish and tools.

You can use the technique to decorate furniture, dishes, vases, flowerpots, lampshades, picture frames, candles and so on - all you require is your imagination. 

Decoupage chairDecoupage works best on wooden objects such as boxes, trays, and frames, but it works on many other materials too. 

You will quickly begin to discover the endless possibilities around you, and surround yourself with your own "hand-decorated" furniture such as: tea tables in roses, a chest of drawers covered in stylish patterns or elegant bedside tables transformed with vintage or retro styles - the effect won't get passed by unnoticed.

And what about a lamp with a fancy cover, decorated with the same technique? Or items from paper-mache, plastic decorations, plates and glasses, ceramic vases, pots and mini statues - all these items can be decorated with colourful and stunning paper napkins!

Decoupage casketDecoupage - is a great way to turn an ordinary everyday object into a work of art. 

The beautiful designs, created by you, will be well protected and preserved with varnish and, quite possibly, be the subject of family pride!

We are proud that all our products are suitable for children and made from high quality materials.

We also offer decoupage workshops for adults and chidren. Book from our timetable or contact us for private lessons and group workshops by email contact@decoupage-store.com